Wontons made with friends

5 food-making parties to try this week


Apparently sharing food makes us better people (read more here), so there are fewer reasons to hide in your kitchen coking alone. Cooking food together can also help us learn new skills and save money when you share groceries! So gather friends, grab some ingredients and try one of these five food-making parties:

  1. Make salad rolls. Need some sunshine in winter? Any produce in your fridge works for salad rolls. Cabbage, carrots and herbs are cheap and seasonal fillings to increase your green intake in winter. if you make enough, everyone has a bagged lunch to take to work the next day.
  2. Wonton party.  Grab some wonton wrappers, some basic ingredients and away you go. Make a big pot of wonton soup for your crew and some extra to freeze for quick weeknight meals.Making wontons
  3. Soup kitchen party. Share 2 or 3 recipes with your squad and assign ingredients. Have everyone bring some glass jars to take soup home after you spend the evening chopping vegetables, chatting and sipping cocktails. Everyone gets to go home happy with a few different types of soup to enjoy during the week.
  4. Ugly applesauce party. Have everyone bring ugly, bruised apples from their fridge. Applesauce is super easy and everyone can go home with a jar or make an applesauce cake to enjoy the rewards immediately. Try mixing it up with different flavours, adding vanilla or cardamom to different batches.
  5. Kimchi or sauerkraut party. Buy a big head of cabbage, get friends to bring jars and get busy. Chop and massage that cabbage for kimchi or sauerkraut together (way more fun than ding this alone). Cabbage for sauerkraut

Of course there are other sharing food and saving cash parties you can throw. Let us know what some of your favourites are @Vancity using #Goodmoneyblog.

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