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6 recipes to feed your pumpkin addiction


We know it’s officially fall when the pumpkin lattes hit the streets. Suddenly pumpkins are everywhere, appearing in stores and in pureed form on grocery store shelves.

Here are some fun, inexpensive recipes to get your fall pumpkin fix and make the most of all that pumpkin. You can make your own puree to save money (how to recipe here), or use canned pumpkin to save time. But whatever you do, make sure to try these recipes:Coffee house sign

1. Pumpkin pie French toast. Dessert for breakfast is totally acceptable, especially on weekends for brunch. Add a dollop of whipped cream to put this over the top.

2. Pumpkin pie oatmeal. For those who desire a healthier start to the morning, here is a hint of pumpkin in oats. This breakfast is totally vegan, yet completely crave-worthy.

3. Perfect pumpkin muffins. If you want the most perfect, moist pumpkin muffin, this is it. The addition of applesauce ensures it stays moist and freezes well for lunches or breakfasts on the go.Pumpkin soup

4. Thai pumpkin soup. Like a bit more flavour? Here’s a slow-cooker, Thai pumpkin soup worth trying. It can also be made in a soup pot in half an hour or so.

5. Pumpkin donut holes. If pumpkin and mini donuts had a baby, this is the delight they would create (and they are coated in cinnamon sugar). Talk about the perfect fall addition to the lunchbox, dessert or brunch.Pumpkin muffins in tray

6Almond pumpkin spice drink. Here’s a great festive drink for vegans or those who shun caffeine or chocolate. Top with coconut whip, a sprinkle of nutmeg, stir with a cinnamon stick and pull on a wool sweater for instant fall coziness.

Go ahead and grab an actual pumpkin (or can of it) and make some of these seasonal delights. It is pumpkin latte season, after all.


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