5 recipes to get kids in the kitchen


As a parent, there is nothing more important than teaching our kids how to cook and nourish themselves. And this learning can start by giving them little bits of independence in the kitchen.

Whether it’s peeling carrots, dicing potatoes or shredding cheese, these are important beginnings that can also lighten your prep work (and perhaps start a budding partnership in the kitchen.)

Here are 5 easy recipes to embark on with the kids:

  1. Simple cookies. One bowl, one spoon, need I say more? They get to learn to use measuring spoons and get to witness of the science of baking. They can pretty much do this on their own. Step back and watch their independence grow.
  2. Soup. A simple vegetable and pasta soup is a great way to learn how to chop vegetables. Not only can kids learn about stove safety, they get to create a warm meal full of veg that they will most definitely eat.
  3. Mac and cheese (from scratch!) Almost as simple as boxed mac & cheese, this stove-top method will be just as easy but far tastier. This recipe contains a cooking fundamental and the key to many delicious recipes in the form of a roux sauce with cheese. Also perfect for topping steamed vegetables!
  4. Salad dressing. Heartily shaking the measured ingredients in a used jam jar make this a great project for the youngest of chefs. A yogurt dressing is a great starter dressing for young ones. Use it to dress salad greens, grated carrot or some chopped cucumber.
  5. Pie. Really, this is no ordinary pie. This is a super simple version that can be whipped up in minutes with no crust required. You only need help with some apple peeling, which is another fun skill to learn. Use cinnamon or vanilla if cardamom isn’t your thing.

Small steps are important to having fun with your kids in the kitchen. And remember that part of cooking includes clean up. Be sure to teach them to load the dishwasher. Their future roommates will thank you.

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