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Loving your leftovers – part 2


We all know that food waste is a huge environmental issue. You may not want to have last night’s dinner again, but it’s also a great time and money saver to re-purpose your leftovers. All you need are a few recipes that can help you convert them in creative ways.

Here are 5 recipes to help you turn leftovers into tasty dinners:

  1. Curry. With only coconut milk, curry powder and cashews you can create a delicious and simple vegetarian curry using whatever leftover vegetables are lingering in your fridge. Add pre-cooked vegetables at the last minute. Or try this quick chicken curry using leftover chicken.
  1. Enchiladas. Stuff anything into a tortilla (chicken, beans, casserole, roasted vegetables), and cover it in a delectable enchilada sauce and melted cheese. No one will know you used any leftovers.Leftover wrap
  1. Pasta bake. Yesterday’s pasta gets coated in cheese and baked until bubbly to change it up. Some inspiration can be found here for a Spaghetti pie or a Tortellini Bake.Baked pasta
  1. Fried Rice. Throw leftover rice, veggies and any bits of ham, or chicken into a wok and toss those leftovers into a simple fried rice. Make sure to add some green onion and ginger to give it some colour and bite.
  1. Savoury strudel or pie. Phyllo pastry ups the leftover game considerably. Make a savoury strudel with leftover squash and herbs, or roasted vegetables with boursin cheese. Or, top leftover stew with a layered pastry crust for a delicious and decadent meal that will make your forget yesterday’s dinner. Find ideas for turning stews into pies here.

For more leftovers-turned-new inspiration, read Part 1 of Loving your leftovers for other easy, fast and tasty recipes.

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