Leftover Rice sushi bowl

Loving your leftovers – part 1


Not everyone likes leftovers, but if you practice the 3 R’s (reduce, reuse and recycle) you can turn last night’s dinner into lunches to look forward to.

The very best way to deal with leftovers is to disguise them in new recipes.

Here are 5 ideas to give your leftovers a new life:

  1. Rice wraps. Leftover cooked chicken, tofu or shrimp? Salad mix that needs using up? These gluten-free rice wraps take seconds to soak in warm water, then they are ready to wrap and roll whatever lingers in your fridge. Serve with peanut sauce or any packaged thai-style dressing.Rice paper salad roll
  1. Tortilla wraps. This might be one of my favourite ways to use leftovers. You can roll stew, rice and bean casseroles, quinoa or any other meat or vegetable into a tortilla or chapati. Leftover cabbage or coleslaw mix adds great crunch. Be sure to add salsa to spice it up.
  1. Pasta salad. A bright-hued pasta salad is a simple way to use up cooked tortellini or pasta. Add in grated carrot, a few pieces of broccoli, diced bell pepper and a can of sliced olives. Then drizzle with some Italian dressing and lunch is done.
  1. Sushi bowl. Chirashi Zushi is basically ‘unwrapped’ sushi on a bowl of rice. Toss cooked sushi rice with a bit of seasoned rice vinegar. Then add any type of protein: shrimp, imitation crab, or tofu. Throw on raw or cooked vegetables that need using up. Garnish with slices of seaweed and toasted sesame seeds. Serve with soy sauce.Rice sushi bowl
  1. Mini pizza. Creativity and leftovers rule here. Try leftover butter chicken on naan with chopped ginger and cilantro. Or stick with a classic, by using leftover ham, cheese and canned pineapple for an old school 80’s English muffin pizza. Anything coated with a healthy dose of melted cheese is perfectly repurposed.

Need more inspiration? Check out Kitchn’s list of 17 Meals that make great leftovers.

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