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5 websites that WILL help you cut food waste and save


Stale tortillas? Leftover wine? (yeah right). Believe me, there’s a way to use it all.

If you’re tired of people telling you to cut food waste with basic advice like keeping notes on what’s in your fridge or using leftovers, check out these sites for some advanced ways to save money while throwing away less food:

  1. Taste it, Don’t Waste it series. This collection of ideas and recipes for “all of the delicious things you can do with food that might otherwise be wasted” is by preservation queen Sherri Brooks Vinton. She tackles everything from stale tortillas to leftover wine, and has you saving food from the compost bin.
  2. Food 52’s 125 Recipes to Help Fight Food Waste. An inspiring and gorgeous compilation of 125 recipes to deal with those random bits like radish tops, chard stems, Parmesan heels and more. Food 52 website
  3. Love Food, Hate Waste. Although a U.K.-based website, this has loads of inspiration for using one random item in your fridge and is easily searchable. Their Canadian counterpart offers weekly meal-planning ideas.Love food, hate waste Website
  4. Use Up Leftovers by Big Oven. Simply enter up to 3 ingredients that need using up with this handy search tool and see what you can cook up with these lonely fridge items. Food website
  5. Click or enter the ingredient(s) you want to use and get listings of recipe ideas and how to cook them. Bonus: you can click on dietary restrictions to exclude from your search results. Gluten-free or nut-free? Problem-free!

Your leftovers don’t have to be boring. And just eat them.

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