Broccoli salad in bowl

5 cheap and delicious broccoli recipes


1084. One of the first codes I remembered as a new grocery cashier was for broccoli. Everyone bought it, at least once a week. Broccoli is a filling and nutritious vegetable that seems to be losing its appeal to its more trendy and costly cousin, kale. But there is still a lot to love about broccoli.

Not only is broccoli usually cheaper than other vegetables, it also has a longer shelf life than many of them. It’s also super adaptable and can be added to many recipes, whether they are salads, soups, or tossed into pasta or rice bowls.Broccoli

Here are 5 simple recipes that prove why broccoli should be in your grocery basket each week:

  1.  A simple salad. Toasted cumin seeds and garlic on broccoli. Need I say more? It tastes even better the next day, so make lots and have a few nutritious, delicious lunches. Recipe here.
  1. Roast it. Tossed with olive oil and sea salt. Bake at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes, or until kissed with some charred edges. This becomes an addictive side dish for any meal. For a cheesy twist, try grated Parmesan or nutritional yeast on top.
  1. Pasta. Simple ingredients like broccoli, olive oil, garlic, chili flakes and Parmesan come together to produce a substantial and delectable meal in minutes.Broccoli soup
  1. Soup. Have extra already cooked broccoli kicking around the fridge? Blenders help make for super simple soups in minutes. Try this simple Cream of Broccoli soup. Top with some crunchy element- croutons, oyster crackers or Parmesan crisps.
  1. Hot or cold broccoli with sesame sauce. Good warm for dinner and cold as a salad the next day, this simple Japanese goma-ae sauce elevates basic, green vegetables.

The next time you are silently debating whether to grab kale or a head of broccoli, go for the underdog. You’ll be glad you gave it another chance.

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