Roasted vegetables

The Sunday roast


When I was growing up, grandma would cook a roast surrounded by vegetables on Sunday and leftovers were consumed throughout the week. The idea of roasting up a big meal on the weekend is a smart one. Not only do you get a delicious meal but you also get quick and hassle-free dishes throughout the week. It can be as simple as some roasted vegetables.

Here are some great things to cook on weekends for the week ahead:

  1. Bacon. Yes, cook up a pan or two of bacon. Not only is the oven the easiest way to cook bacon, it is virtually mess-free. Plus, you will have bacon to add to sandwiches, baked potatoes, top soups or mac & cheese all week.
  1. Potatoes. Any can be baked ahead of time. Sweet potatoes can be filled with chili or cut into chunks for salads. Baking potatoes are great stuffed with broccoli and cheese or turned into crispy potato skins. Or fry up chopped cooked potatoes and have some quick hash browns.Potatoes in box
  1. Vegetables. Roast up a few roots and shoots, beets, carrots and squash. These are all perfect to pre-cook and add to green or grain salads at lunch time. Simply add roasted vegetables to salad mix or cooked grains like quinoa or farro.Vegetables to roast
  1. Chicken. Don’t be intimidated by the big bird. It takes a few minutes to get it ready for the oven and an hour to roast until you reach roasted chicken perfection. If one isn’t enough for your crew, cook two birds at once. Then shred any leftover meat and freeze it. Use it in soups, burritos, or on top of these sesame noodles later in the week.

Whatever you cook on weekends, if you double up you can enjoy the time and money-saving benefits of the Sunday Roast all week!

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