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6 affordable ‘date night-in’ ideas for parents


Amidst chauffeuring kids to school, sports, activities, the constant food prep that comes with growing little people and getting through the daily 9-to-5 grind–squeezing in a date night can fall down the priority list (sometimes way, way down). But parents need time to reconnect and enjoy time away from responsibilities. In fact, they deserve it!

The costs of raising a family is usually a contributing factor for not having a date night. The cost of love has also increased over 7% year-over-year for Canadians, according to’s 2017 Cost of Love survey. Breaking down dating into fancy dates, casual ones, movie dates, getaways and other expenses–the survey estimates one year of dating is equal to $11,537.74. That doesn’t even factor in childcare, so it’s no wonder parents can’t afford to date.

Sometimes you just need to get creative. It starts with making your relationship a priority and carving out time to make it happen. Besides, a date night in is better than no date night at all!

Here are some ideas for affordable date nights-in.


Save on babysitting costs and go on a group date with another family.

Get the kids involved

Let them come up with a date night idea or let them serve you dinner restaurant-style.

DIY dessert

Create your own sundae bar or bake a sweet treat together to enjoy. I’m sure the kids will enjoy the leftovers… if there are any!

Personal drive-in 

Once the kids are asleep, grab that laptop and some snacks, sit under the stars and catch a flick together. Have a white sheet and projector? Invite the neighbours to join you, too.

Backyard Camping

Set up a tent, roast some marshmallows and go camping indoors or even in your backyard (this may not work for condo residents!)

Date-night jar

Start a date night jar of ideas and activities that you’d like to do or that could be adapted. This way, you’ll always have fresh new ideas for next time.

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