Summer job

Werk it: How to find a summer job that pays


A great summer job can be crucial to paying your way through school.  It can also be great experience that may help you land a real job once you graduate. The wrong summer job can leave you with little to fund your education.

Here are some tips to find a great summer gig:

Look for a summer job with long-term potential

Jobs that require extensive training may mean that they’ll want you to return for many summers to come.  It is usually cheaper to have you return than having the expense of retraining someone new each summer.  Jobs that require a high degree of training may also pay higher as an incentive to return.

Asses your dependence on external factors

That summer painting job may look financially promising but if you’re working entirely as an exterior painter, a rainy season could dampen your hopes of making money.

Research the company

How vulnerable are you to economic factors? You may be promised plenty of hours, but if the company is not doing well your summer hours could get cut. Retail is a good example, as many bricks and mortar stores are going out of business. It is projected that 2017 will have the highest rate of retail store closures since 2008. While your retail employer may not close, it may cut back on staff hours to stay in business. Unfortunately, for students, it’s usually the seasonal hours that get cut first.

What are your perks?

While getting a free feathered hen outfit at the Chunky Chicken Grill may not be a great perk, others can add up. Use of a company vehicle or a mileage allowance, free meals (in a restaurant job), or free travel with a tour company can save you some cash and/or provide free entertainment. Always check to see what benefits you’re eligible for in addition to your pay.

While no job comes with a guarantee, considering the risk factors may increase the odds that you’ll start the school year with a bank account full of summer savings.

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