How to find savings at the PNE

It just wouldn’t be summer without mini donuts, great concerts and thrill-inducing rides! For the 107th time, The Fair at the PNE Vancouver is back between August 19th and September 4th, featuring experiences you may have grown up with and some new ones. While The Fair is a great time for all ages, buying an entry ticket, food and souvenirs can add up.  Here are some tips to save money while having fun. You can also enter our instant win contest for your chance at one of eight PNE prize packs worth $130 each.

Getting there

  • Take transit: The 17 day celebration draws nearly a million people, so it’s safe to say that finding parking can be time-consuming. Skip circling the neighbourhood for a spot and take environmentally friendly public transit. The grounds are easily accessible by transit with a number of buses stopping along Hastings Street and Renfrew Street. Check out Translink’s website to find your route.
  • By bicycle: Not feeling the transit vibe? The PNE offers a bike valet located at Gate 1 at the corner of Hastings and Renfrew. It’s completely free of charge and secure. Bike racks are also available outside Gates 5 and 13.

Getting in

  • Vancity Member Perk at the PNE: Perk alert! Being a Vancity member has its benefits. Especially at the PNE! Show your Vancity Member Card debit card or your Vancity enviro Visa card at a the ticket booth so you only have to pay $5 for entry. That equals $9 in savings per Fair Gate Pass (rate not applicable to a guest).
  • Buy your fair gate & ride pass online: Standing in line to buy a Fair Gate Pass and Ride Pass can be tough. While the line may move quickly, listening to people having fun while you stand and wait isn’t ideal. By buying your tickets online at, you can save up to $9 on passes and make the wait shorter.
  • Free Gate Admission Tuesdays: Do you have Tuesday’s off from work? Well you’re in luck. All PNE guests will receive free gate admission from 11 am – 1 pm on Tuesday August 22nd and 29th.
  • For more information about promotional days and ways to visit:

Once inside

  • Bring a water bottle: All PNE food stations will refill them for you and there are also two water stations (Tooncity and near the Livestock barns) on the grounds. By bringing a bottle from home you also limit the amount of plastic that ends up in the garbage.


  • Buy a Pinwheels Deals Coupon Book: For only $2, you can save up to $300 at The Fair. Hundreds of discounts are offered inside for PNE shoppers, including 2 for 1 deals on food and with merchandise vendors. Check out the discounts in the book here before buying one at a PNE ticket booth.
  • Check out some free entertainment: You can watch a number of free shows, concerts and exhibits while on the fairgrounds. The SuperDogs show, which happens 3 times a day and Tooncity are just a couple examples while the Summer Night Concerts series is also worth a listen.


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