Save money on gas

5 ways to save money on gas


Have you noticed how high gas prices are despite low oil prices? It’s a fact that gas prices in the Lower Mainland are among the highest in the country.

A survey of Canadian cities shows that Vancouver stations charge an average of 129.9/litre, while in Toronto people pay an average of 99.9/litre. In Ottawa, the going average is 96.3/litre and less for Calgary (85.9/litre), and Winnipeg (at 82.9/litre). Even Montreal, the city with the second most expensive gas prices, the average is .24 cents lower than in Vancouver at $105.9/litre.

Here are 5 ways to save on gas for your next summer road trip:

1. Ask an app

Apps such as GasBuddy and Gas Guru: (iOS and Android) can help track down the lowest prices in your area and throughout Canada and the U.S.

2. A reason to like Mondays

According to this data analysis, the best day to buy gas is Monday. Thursday through the weekend is the worst.

3. Don’t pay for premium

Some cars require premium gas while others recommend it. Studies have shown that in cars where it is recommended there’s no difference in performance or fuel economy. If your car requires premium fuel, you’ll pay around .16 cents more per litre. By comparison, the difference at U.S. pumps is only around .6 cents.

4. Avoid rush hour

Gas stations bank on drivers being more likely to fuel up on their way home so this can be the most expensive time to do so.

5. If you have left the big city

While it makes no sense to drive several kilometres out of the city to avoid paying a little carbon tax (and let’s face it – this tax is returned to British Columbians through lower corporate taxes and income tax credits for low-income individuals among, other benefits) if you are headed out of Vancouver it will be cheaper to fuel up. Vancouver pays the Translink gasoline and clear diesel fuel tax, adding 17 cents to every litre.

Of course, when you don’t NEED to drive, cycling, walking or rollerblading are great ways to keep your gas costs down and keep our B.C. air fresh. They are also healthier options. But if you need to drive, plan your pump visit wisely.

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