Video: How to save buying 2nd hand


Vancity’s new report highlights an increase in second-hand consumption among millennials. There are many factors that drive this increase such as ecological sustainability, affordability, authenticity, self-expression, nostalgia etc.

For some there is an assumption that buying 2nd hand is not common or just said bluntly, not cool or that it’s hard to find certain items. But people may not know the types of savings and selection of brand names that 2nd hand stores offer, but at only a fraction of the price.  As part of our Vancity Asks series, Terran visited two non-for-profit 2nd hand businesses, Aunt Leah’s Urban Thrift and Miscellany Finds, and challenged some lucky shoppers to spend $50 in these fine local shops. Watch the video below to see what gems they found and much they saved. Plus, at the end of video there’s an opportunity to enter win some cash to spend at a participating thrift store!

Be sure to enter the contest. Good luck!

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