Picnic essentials

BYOP (build your own picnic) tips


These last days of summer are fleeting. The time is right to make the most of the afternoons of sunshine or the blissful evening sunsets. Here are some quick and easy picnic essentials to throw in your bag as you head to the nearest beach or park to enjoy a picnic with family or friends.Picnic plate

1. Something old. An old tablecloth can do double duty as a picnic table cover or as a blanket to sit on in a pinch. Pick up plates, cutlery, a few cloth napkins, and a serrated knife at a thrift store to use for picnics. Toss it all into an insulated bag or basket with your ice pack and food. Bring along an extra container for leftovers or compost.

2. Something bready. Baguette, Flat bread, Chapati, Ciabatta, Pita or crisp crackers. Whatever floats your boat! (or carries your protein).

3. Something protein-rich. Hummus, boiled eggs, sliced salami or spiced nuts. Leftovers from last night or even a roast chicken from the grocery store will fit the bill.

4. Something pickled. Dilled cukes,  spicy green beans, sauerkraut or maybe kimchi? Whatever it is, it brings some interest and flavour to the party.Picnic basket

5. Something bubbly. A bottle of kombucha? Some sparkling or artisanal soda? Or some berry shrub to mix into your bubbly water. Don’t forget to bring some cups to share.

6. Something blue. Or yellow or white-rinded. Or whatever else is in your cheese bin in the fridge. Add whatever fruit that is in your crisper too, fruit always pairs well with cheese. A cool retro cheese slicer and a mini cutting board will add a little ‘je ne sais quoi’ to the perfect picnic.

Now take these picnic essentials to a local park or beach. Or, package them up for a sweet wedding gift now that you have all the essentials to wish the happy couple good luck. Enjoy soon since summer will be gone before you know it!

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