Affordable and sustainable seafood choices

Lobster taste, cod budget: 3 wallet-friendly sustainable seafoods


There’s a misconception that seafood lovers have to spend a lot in order to make sustainable seafood choices in support of healthier oceans. And while it’s true that there are sustainable seafood items that are more expensive than others, there are also many ocean-friendly and more affordable alternatives (with similar tastes and consistency) that you can swap into your favourite recipes. Here are some of my tips:

For halibut or lingcod recipes

You can easily substitute Pacific cod or B.C. canary rockfish caught by trawl. Both of these are the perfect alternative for a moist and white-fleshed fish. If you are making tacos, burgers, or even fish and chips, you can easily disguise the fish further by bringing in delicious flavours with fun toppings and sauces.

For spot prawn recipes

Spot prawns are a local treasure that we go crazy for every May and June during their short season. If a recipe calls for B.C. spot prawns, you can always substitute these with another local shrimp such as the sidestripe or even pink shrimp variety.

For salmon recipes

When it comes to salmon, pink salmon is by far the most affordable West Coast salmon species. And it is also the most sustainable of the five salmon species. Pink salmon is a bit more delicate to cook with, but it is perfect in tacos, burgers or simply as is.

Another thing you can do is visit your local fisherman or fishmonger and ask them for advice on trying something new that’s also sustainable. If you give them a budget, they can make a recommendation. There are many practical and sustainable choices from Arctic char to mussels and clams.  You can also look for the Ocean Wise and SeaChoice labelled recommendations found in-store and on their websites.

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