We asked kids to choose: build wealth or a better world?


Build wealth or create a better world. If you had to choose just one, which would you pick?

The question isn’t a test of morality but tests our ability to find the best solution without compromise. Can we pick both? Some may think that only those of us with childlike optimism dare to say we can make a better world and make money at the same time, but are children even that optimistic?

We asked 10 kids between 5 and 13 years-old the same question in this video. See what they said about their thoughts on money, what a better world would look like, and which of the two options they chose.

By the way, picking both is a valid answer. It’s not a matter of optimism. It’s a matter of choosing to find an option that allows you to have it all. Think of all the ways that you currently build your wealth: your job, your savings, your investments. What would it mean to continue doing what you do while making an impact in the world? Here are some ideas:

Creating change through your investments.

Creating change through your job.

Creating change through your bank or credit union.

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