Video: Dating & living with your parents


Vancity’s recent report looked at why more millennials live at home and found that a majority of B.C. millennials are living with their parents due to a lack of affordable housing in the region. While most of us plan on moving out of our parent’s homes at some point, saving enough money to rent an apartment or buy a home has never been tougher.

One of our latest posts highlighted the many positives of living at home, but there can be quite a few challenges of living with your folks too.  One of the biggest, and most awkward, challenges of living at home with your parents has to be the impact it has on your dating life.  Despite the affordability concerns today, adults who live with their parents are often portrayed as strange or unambitious in pop culture. But is that fair?  In this installment of Vancity Asks, Terran hit the streets of Vancouver to find out if people would date someone who lives with their parents.


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