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6 foods you didn’t know you could freeze


Some people put their credit cards on ice to save money, but I can’t live without my credit card so I put Parmesan on ice to save cash. Wasted food is wasted money. You may not think to put the rest of that pasta sauce or leftover cheese in the freezer, but it will help save money over time.foods in freezer

 Here are 6 foods you likely didn’t know you could stash in the freezer:

  1. Cheese. Yes! Any type of hard cheese, including grated cheese. Grate real Parmesan and freeze in smaller portions so you don’t waste the expensive stuff.
  2. Butter and yogurt. Can’t go through a whole package of butter in a few days? Freeze some of it. Unsalted butter doesn’t have salt to preserve it, so freeze until use. Spoon leftover yogurt into ice cube trays to pop into smoothies.
  3. Dips. No more wasted hummus or guacamole! Cover with oil or waxed paper. Let thaw in fridge before serving.
  4. Beans. If you cook a batch of beans, this is a great way to have them on hand to add a pop of protein to meals.
  5. Herbs. Have leftover cilantro, parsley or dill? Use an ice cube tray to freeze chopped herbs in water or olive oil. Pop the herb-y cubes into bags to use in soups or pastas.
  6. Cooked greens. Leftover cooked kale, chard or spinach can be frozen in zipped bags for you to toss into soups, pasta or casseroles.foods in freezer

For more info on preventing wasted food, check out this handy info sheet.

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