Pokestop Map Downtown Vancouver

Where to play Pokemon Go without data


I want to be the very best, but I don’t have a data plan.

Before you decide to dish out an extra $15 per month for a gig or two of data, try hitting up this free wifi-filled route in Downtown Vancouver. Don’t let your budget hinder you from becoming a Pokémon Master.

When I spent 2.5 hours trekking this route last week, I spun 22 Pokéstops, got 71 items and caught 36 Pokemon. To catch even more, pick any tri-stop below and set up camp. No data, no problem. You can still be a Pokémon Master if your heart desires. Here’s the route:

Robson Square Pokestop

Tri-stop: UBC Robson Square

Start your adventure at UBC Robson Square. Pull up a spot next to the break-dancers in the underground skating rink and link yourself up to the free wifi UBC has graciously provided to campus visitors. While it seems like only a double stop at first, when you connect to ‘ubcvisitor,’ it will magically glitch you over to the Pokéstop on the corner frequently enough to give it some good spinning.

Pacific Centre Pokestop

Tri-stop: Pacific Centre

Had enough of school? Walk North-east on Howe Street until you see the glass dome of Pacific Centre mall. Lots of seating in the courtyard outside and inside the dome. When you get tired of sitting, hang-on to that mall wifi and do some window shopping while racking up some steps to hatch those eggs.

Granville Station Pokestop

Tri-stop: Granville Station at Dunsmuir

Exit onto Dunsmuir from Pacific Centre and find the big blue T for Translink marking the entrance to Granville Station. At this tri-stop there is some wifi on street level but for a seat and a stronger connection, head into the station and set yourself up at a coffee shop downstairs.

Harbour Centre Pokestop

Tri-stop: Harbour Centre

Pacific Centre isn’t the only place in town with a pretty glass dome. Continue North-east on Seymour Street until you see the glass dome at the Princess Building on Seymour and West Hastings. Across the street at Harbour Centre, there is an underground food court offering free wifi. Find a spot close to the street corner to access all three Pokéstops.

Waterfront Centre Pokestop

Tri-stop: Waterfront Centre Food Court

Head North-west along Cordova Street until you reach Howe Street and duck underground into Waterfront Centre. Follow the smell of fast-food and coffee and it will lead you to a tri-stop and free wifi courtesy of the food establishments there.

Vancouver Convention Centre Pokestop

Double-stop: Vancouver Convention Centre

Time to catch some water Pokémon and the sea breeze! Exit out the back of the Waterfront Centre Food Court and find yourself at the double stop outside the Convention Centre at Canada Place and Burrard. The Convention Centre offers wifi at their restaurants and cafes.

Vancouver Olympic Cauldron Pokestop

Double-stop: Olympic Cauldron

A walk on the Waterfront would not be complete without this iconic fixture. Enjoy the harbor view next to a piece of Vancouver’s modern history and finish off your catching at the double stop by the Olympic Cauldron (on the west side of the Vancouver Convention Centre).

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