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9 baby products you don’t need to buy


When you’re a first-time mom, it’s easy to let your nesting and nurturing hormones take your wallet for ride. True, there are many baby products that will make your life easier (See 10 essential baby products for new moms). But there are also just as many things you don’t need at all, should delay buying or should let doting grandparents shell out for.

Here’s my list of what baby products (and a few other things) not to buy:

  1. Baby powder. No-one uses baby powder anymore, at least not for babies. A clean, dry bum is best. No powder, no perfume, no needless purchase.
  2. Bassinet. It’s adorable and can sidle up to your bedside, but your baby will outgrow it faster than you can say “diaper rash.” You’re going to have to buy a crib at some point, so bite the bullet early and get a crib that converts into a toddler bed.
  3. Baby wipe warmer. This is a sign of having more money than you know what to do with. If you’re not that flush, put the money you save towards an RESP or daycare.
  4. Anything white. That includes baby clothing, receiving blankets, furniture, carpets and walls. The only exceptions are white appliances, which wipe off easily, and white wine.
  5. Baby sunglasses. Babies’ eyes need protection from the sun – which is why sunglasses were useless for my kids. They wouldn’t keep them on, even with headbands. Instead, buy a cute sun hat with a strap under the chin.
  6. New eyewear for yourself. Your baby will lovingly reach past your cheek, grab your glasses with a vice grip and twist the frame into a mangled mess. Buy your new sunglasses or prescription glasses after you’ve passed that stage.
  7. Stuffies. You will accumulate a complete zoo of these as gifts. By the time elementary school rolls around, you won’t be able to see the floor of your child’s room.
  8. Plastic diaper pail. It seemed like a good idea at the time – a place to store dirty disposable diapers in the baby’s room until I was ready to take them to the back-alley. Until the smell of you-know-what fused to the plastic receptacle.
  9. Pee tents for baby boys. Some love them, some hate them. I can’t beat the anonymous review I saw online. In short, “Save yourself… the frustration and use a face cloth.” Just not a white one.
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What items or baby products do you regret buying? Help new moms everywhere by sharing this article with your comments on what else to avoid.

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