Why your voice matters to your credit union. 


Last updated on March 12, 2024.

What’s the benefit of banking with a credit union? 

I know what you’re thinking: how is a credit union different from a bank? What are the benefits of being a member at a credit union? Well, for starters, credit union members are owners. A credit union is a co-operative organization, which is a fancy way of saying it’s democratically controlled by its members. Vancity is a financial services co-operative. This means our focus is to help our members meet their financial goals, while also strengthening our community by investing in our local economic, social and environmental initiatives

Why voting in your credit union election is important. 

When you join Vancity, you join a community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about making a positive impact in their local communities. Together, we are a financial force for change. By taking part in our democratic election process and casting your vote for our Board of Directors, you are contributing to the future of a member-owned organization that puts people and values first. Your opinions, values, and voice matter, and we encourage you to make them heard. By being a Vancity member, you’re putting your money where your values are. Around here, we care about climate, community, and people — in other words, you.  

By voting in the upcoming election, you’ll be entered into a prize draw. You could win 1 of 10 $1,000 cashable term deposits. 

Let your vote be heard. 

Voting is a powerful tool for change. Sure, voting for your Board of Directors in your local credit union election might not seem like a big deal. What’s in it for you, right? 

But the power of voting is that it has an impact, it makes a difference, and your vote could be the difference. With each vote, we take into consideration what our members need from us. We want — and need — to hear from you.  

Who we are, what we do and how we do it begins when you vote for a Board member. How we serve you, the community, and our planet begins with our Board of Directors. People are listening, and they care. That’s why it’s important to vote in a credit union election. 

Vote for a future change-maker. 

We asked this year’s candidates what ‘financial force for change’ means to them. Here’s some of what they said: 

  • “Vancity’s commitment to environmental sustainability” 
  • “A representation of corporate and social responsibility” 
  • “Embedding values into everything we do” 
  • “Aiding those who most need our care” 
  •  “Uplifting, empowering, and creating equal opportunity for all people.” 

When you vote for our Board of Directors, you’re helping us achieve our commitments to equity and social justice. We believe in investing in a better future for our planet, being transparent and accountable, and walking the talk in all we do. Read more about how our candidates want to be a part of a financial force for change.   

Vote and win a prize. 

As a Vancity employee and member, I too have a voice. This year, I’m voting because I believe that’s how I can contribute to being a financial force for change. I want to vote because I believe in the power of voting. I trust that whoever I vote for will do everything they can to create positive change for Vancity. I am proud to be a Vancity member because one of Vancity’s goals is to take care of my community and ensure that I have the financial opportunities to give back and grow my wealth at the same time.  

If you had the chance to make a change, contribute to something greater, to be a part of a movement — would you? Not to mention, by voting in the upcoming election, you’ll be entered into a prize draw. You could win 1 of 10 $1,000 cashable term deposits. 

And don’t forget to attend our Annual General Meeting on May 8. Just by attending, you’ll be entered to win another contest — yes, you read that right! You could win 1 of 2 $1,000 cashable term deposits just by attending. 

When and how to vote. 

Voting begins Monday, April 8 at 9 am and ends Friday, April 26 at 4:30 pm. You can vote through our website, our mobile app, by mailing in your ballot, or by dropping off your completed ballot at one of our branches.  

However you choose to cast your vote, we want to thank you for helping shape the future of Vancity. 

Not a Vancity member yet? 

We’re happy to have you! Join us in the movement towards building a clean and fair world for all.  

Join Vancity
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