What to serve with soup: avocado

Miso happy: 5 ways to jazz up your soup


Wondering what to serve with soup? The classic grilled cheese sandwich is generally regarded as the perfect pairing. But if you want to change things up there are other easy, low-cost ideas to turn that bowl of homemade soup into a nourishing meal:

  1. Top with cooked or toasted quinoa or leftover rice. Toasted quinoa works in almost any soup but especially good in basic soups like Tomato or Butternut Squash. You can also add leftover rice to basic broths or tomato soup.Soup with quinoa
  2. Take it south of the border. What to serve with soup? Southern flare is what! Almost any soup can be enhanced with tortilla chips, cheese and a diced avocado. This is especially good in a rich chicken broth, a black bean soup or a tomato-red pepper version.
  3. Add a punch of protein. Add store bought or homemade roasted pumpkin seeds to a butternut squash soup, some bacon bits to potato soup or top with almost any soup with grated cheese or an egg. Soup as a meal
  4. Make big, beautiful croutons. Whether gluten-free or full of grains, nothing beats homemade garlic-kissed croutons as a topping. Call it crostini if you cut the baguette cross-wise.
  5. Make an easy free-form loaf of soda bread. This beer bread is a one-bowl wonder with only a few basic ingredients and a bottle of beer (or sparkling water). This was made for sopping up hearty stews and chilis. The best part: you have the perfect toast for breakfast the next morning.

Stay warm, make a bowl of soup and show yourself and your soup some love.

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