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Free ways to get organized


Getting more organized is something we all need to do beyond keeping bits of paper around (that we can never find again.) But there are many ways to do this for free over sending on costly systems, courses or notebooks. Here are a few strategies:

What’s your work and planning style?

There are plenty of printed day planners on the market and many carry a premium price. Brand name planners with decorative graphics and a daily quote from some pop guru can be costly, but will they keep you more organized? Find one of the cheaper generic organizers that fits closely with your work and planning style, once you’ve determined what that is.

Create your own planner

There are free templates available online that will let you customize a day planner template and print it for personal use. DIY Planner, for example, lets you create a variety of themed day planners for various needs such as life management, project planning, note-taking and business development. You can also include templates for creative uses like writing, storyboards, mind mapping and photography.

Use your software

Operating systems such as iOS and Windows usually have a calendar program included to let you plan your day. Most will let you back up to the Cloud and sync with your other devices. That’s a  huge advantage over paper day planners (both for convenience and environmental sustainability).

Organizing software can set you back by $50 or more. Fortunately software such as esyPlanner (Windows, iOS) will provide enhanced planning features without the cost, while Google calendar offers an online organizer you can access from all your devices.

Apps galore

Plenty of apps will keep you organized for free. The big plus is that you can back up your schedule, sync with all your devices and search for particular entries. A few great apps for this are: Planner Pro (iOS, Android) aCalander (Android) power-planner (Windows) and MyStudyLife (iOS Android, Windows).

No matter your preferences or work style, there’s a (free) organization system for you.

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