4 things to buy on sale during May

5 things on sale in May


Did you know that certain consumer goods go on sale during specific months of the year? Deep discounts for many products are still tied to a particular month: some sales are timed to the introduction of new models, while others are long-standing traditions, such as January white sales. If you plan your shopping for anything from home items to clothing and electronics based on these sale patterns, you can save up to 50% on most of what you need.

Here are four things on sale in May.

In-between season clothing

This is when pre-fall collections hit the stores. In-between season items such as lightweight sweaters and coats, suits, evening dresses, handbags and lingerie are marked down 35 to 60% on average. Swimwear also drops 30 to 50%, so this is a great time to get a new suit for an upcoming vacation or the summer weather. Get more tips on fashion discounts throughout the year.


While most big appliances go on sale later in the year, refrigerators are the big exception. New models come out in May, so last year’s models will get discounted. There’s no better way to enjoy summer than by drinking a cool beverage out of the fridge that you saved some serious money on.

Vacuum cleaners

New vacuums usually don’t come out until June, so you can often grab the old models now as they’re clearing them out and get started on your spring cleaning.

Office furniture

If you shop after the tax deadline, you can usually find some great deals on office chairs and desks.


While mattresses are generally a product that comes out year round, spring sees quite a few reduced prices. Getting a sweet deal on a mattress during May will help you sleep soundly during the night. 

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