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6 low cost décor tips for any space


I’m a passionate décor enthusiast. I dream of creating that beautiful home that looks like a design show transformation, or one from my Pinterest boards. But I also know that those gorgeous spaces often come with a hefty designer price tag.

Fortunately, there are also fun and low cost ways of updating your space.

“Style isn’t the current trend,” says Jillian Harris, interior design expert and co-host of the W Network real estate show, Love It or List It Vancouver. ” It’s your space, so fill it with things that make you smile. Throw away the rules and mix and match, but don’t over clutter. You home should tell stories about you. Layer it with those special possessions that speak about your life.”

Below are a few of Jillian’s favourite DIY projects and ideas for lower cost design updates to your space.


Six low cost decor tips for any space (1 of 3)


Use a gallery wall to showcase your cherished belongings. Whether it’s a piece of art, framed photographs or antlers you can let your walls tell your story. It’s easy and affordable to update the wall by swapping framed pictures or rotating memorabilia from room to room. Add, subtract and be whimsical.

Blend a selection of pillows in various sizes, shapes, textures. Use a mix of big or small patterns and/or bold and subtle colours to add interest to your couch or bed. The contrast in colours, textures and shapes make a room look polished.

Six low cost decor tips for any space (3 of 3)

When decorating a smaller space use light colours to create an airy atmosphere and to make the room appear larger. Choose pieces of furniture that can be easily moved around for good traffic flow when entertaining.

Display a stack of favourite books with a clock, flowers or other memento and place it on your coffee table for a great vignette. Or swap the flowers for a vintage guitar or camera. Mixing large and small pieces for balance creates a more interesting focal point. The same goes with mixing materials, such as a glass vase on wooden table.

Six low cost decor tips for any space (2 of 3)

Update an old shelf by using a great wallpaper to paper the inside back section.

Cover old boxes with leftover wrapping or wallpaper to make storage containers that you can keep in plain view if you have a smaller space.

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