Quick Rice bowl dinner

5 quick dinners


Quick dinners can seem like an oxymoron. This can be especially true on busy weeknights when you are shuttling kids to soccer practice, trying to get to yoga class or hitting the library. You might be tempted to hit the drive-thru on those nights, but it can be expensive and not nearly as satisfying.

Here are 5 recipes that prove quick dinners can be cheap and tasty on the run:

  1. Tortellini soup. In the time it takes to boil pasta, you can have a nourishing soup. Throw in the spinach lingering in the fridge with any bits of leftover meat.
  2. Quesadillas. Keep tortillas on hand at all times. Refried beans and cheese is the standard recipe but get creative with leftovers. Add some of yesterday’s roasted veggies, bits of leftover meat or bagged spinach for an all-in-one meal. Quesadilla
  3. Omelette. Spinach, ham and cheese are all classic add-ins to this lightening-fast meal. Some chopped chives or parsley will add freshness. A salad and some sliced baguette make for a light French-style meal in minutes.Quick omelette
  4. Pizza. Turn the oven up when you walk in the door, have your ingredients prepped and throw them onto a large naan, tortilla or pre-made pizza crust. If have no sauce, try a Pizza Bianca. Or try protein-rich ricotta cheese as the sauce, adding spinach, arugula or roasted peppers for a quick satisfying dinner.
  5. Rice bowls. In the 15 minutes it takes to cook white rice you can heat up canned black beans or pre-cooked chicken. Use prepared coleslaw salad mix from the store instead of lettuce for added crunch and vitamins. Add whatever cooked vegetables you might have in your fridge, along with salsa, sour cream and avocado. And to save even more time, make the rice ahead of time and reheat before serving.
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