How Vancity members are planting trees by choosing eStatements.


Last updated on July 10, 2024.

Canada is not historically known for scorching hot temperatures, but — like many parts of the world — is seeing more intense heat and severe wildfires because of climate change.

Here in British Columbia, fire officials just reported that wildfires destroyed well over 2 million hectares of forest, shrub, and grassland, making 2023 the most destructive fire season by land burned in recorded history. 2017 was similarly devasting to many parts of BC, especially the Cariboo region. They faced unprecedented destruction when several out-of-control fires swept through the Williams Lake region. This included the Hanceville Fire that burned through ancient Douglas-fir forests and vital mule deer habitats, drastically affecting Indigenous communities and local ranchers.  

Vancity’s partnership with veritree.

To help restore vital ecosystems damaged by the Hanceville Fire, Vancity is working with veritree, a  tech platform that works with planting partners across the globe to monitor and verify restoration efforts through on-the-ground data collection and geo-spatial monitoring.  Working closely with specialized teams and local Indigenous organizations and Nations, the goal of this project is to reintroduce a diverse range of native tree species to the burned forest land to accelerate local reforestation, recover crucial mule deer habitats, and restore Indigenous hunting and fishing territories. Without these restorative practices, it would take far longer for these forests to grow back to previous conditions, if it all.

Save paper. Plant a tree. Your choice made a statement.

When a Vancity banking member or enviro™ Visa* cardholder switched to eStatements in 2023, veritree ensured that one tree was planted to help restore the ecosystems disrupted by the Hanceville Fire. One switch planted one tree.  By opting to receive your eStatements online, members avoided the energy associated with printing and mailing the paper documents. Overall, 33,281 trees will be planted. 

At Vancity, we believe it’s our social responsibility to fight against climate change and we are committed to doing our part to keep our communities thriving. On the heels of another extreme fire season, it’s a reminder to continue to help restore communities and environments impacted by these wildfires. With your support, we can all do our part.

Going paperless is fast and easy! Simply click here for our online step-by-step guide on how to opt -out of paper statements, call Member Services, or visit your local branch. Consider making the switch to eStatements today and help reduce these environmental impacts.  

* Trademark of Visa Int., used under license.

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