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Online grocery shopping 101


We’ve all been at the supermarket practicing our deep breathing while getting nipped in the heels by a runaway cart, or waiting for an oblivious person to get off their phone long enough to realize they stand between you and the bananas. Many people choose online grocery shopping to save time and to avoid the hassles of the ‘stupid market,’ but did you know online grocery shopping could also save you money?

Hitting the web for groceries can also make it easier to comparison shop, use coupons and take advantage of weekly specials.

Here are some tips for local online grocery shopping newbies (what’s the right service for you?): grocery delivery bin

SPUD, or Sustainable Produce Urban Delivery

  • Their focus is on sustainable, local, organic produce and specialty diets (gluten-free, vegan)
  • This is one of the easiest websites to navigate. They offer a discount for standing (regular) orders and a points program.
  • Free delivery once a week with a minimum purchase, express delivery is available for an additional charge.
  • Deliver in reusable plastic bins with a deposit,

Krave Organic

  • Exclusively organic produce and products
  • Smaller inventory but their pre-assembled vegetable and fruit bins, starting at $35, are a good deal!
  • Free delivery on orders over $40 to many areas in the Lower Mainland once a week and next day delivery for a fee.
  • Also deliver in reusable bins with a deposit.

Save on Foods

  • Has a wide range of products, from conventional to organic with good deals on weekly specials.
  • Click and collect at the store for free, or pay for delivery. The fee is based on time of day for delivery.
  • You must be home to accept and sign for the delivery, no tips for personal shopper.
  • Deliver in plastic bags
  • They offer email incentives, and some of those can add up to savings on big orders if you wait for them.

Smart City Foods

  • Offer a wide selection of mostly conventional produce and products, limited organics.
  • Free delivery over $50
  • Website mentions tips are appreciated for drivers.


  • Now offers a click and collect service at some locations with pick-up parking stalls, including Langley, Coquitlam, North Vancouver, Delta and Grandview Hwy


  • $7.99 delivery for orders over $50
  • They deliver to many areas of the Lower Mainland several times a week.
  • Have a large selection of goods, both conventional and organic.

Most online grocery services offer a discount for first time customers or other special incentives, so be sure to check out any discounts before placing your order. Happy shopping!

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