North Shore’s best hiking trails

Living in one of the most picturesque regions in the world, we have a plethora of hiking trail options, ranging from easy to difficult. Do you need some help finding out which one is the best for you? Here are the best hiking trails on the North Shore!

1. Lighthouse Park

Best Hiking Trails LIghthouse Park

Location: West Vancouver
Difficulty: No sweat

Nestled along the shores of West Vancouver, Lighthouse Park is one of the most beautiful and popular hikes in the region. With views of Burrard Inlet on one side and soaring Douglas Fir trees on the other, Lighthouse Park’s trails offers a picturesque hike that is ideal for the entire family.

A 40-minute drive from Vancouver, Lighthouse Park is open all year round, but to take advantage of the best hiking conditions and best views, the spring and summer are recommended. Lighthouse Park is accessible by transit and is a dog-friendly trail for our four-legged friends.

Tip: If you’re not interested in doing the entire 2 hour, 6 km hike but instead looking for the best spot to take a selfie of your hiking adventure, head towards the lighthouse by taking the wide trail. An easy 10-minute hike will bring you to a rocky overhang, which provides an amazing view of Burrard Inlet.

2. Quarry Rock

 Best Hiking Trails Deep Cove

Location: Deep Cove, North Vancouver
Difficulty: Breaking a small sweat now

Every March and April the residents of the charming community of Deep Cove get ready for the hoards of weekend hikers that flock to this tiny locale. The reason? The small community located 30 minutes from downtown Vancouver offers the perfect weekend morning hike.

The Quarry Rock hike, which is a part of the Baden Powell Trail, begins on Panorama Drive just past Deep Cove’s marina. The 3.8 km trail takes approximately 1.5 hours and travels through a forest filled with Douglas Fir and Hemlock trees, while hikers traverse on sets of stairs and wooden bridges.

While slightly more challenging than Lighthouse Park, with an elevation of 100 metres, the Quarry Rock hike is a frequented by hikers all ages and is also dog friendly.

Tip: Pack a meal which you can eat at Quarry Rock or hike back down and visit one of the many restaurants in Deep Cove to reward yourself. There are a number of dining options available for all tastes, ranging from: sushi and seafood to doughnuts and ice cream!

3. The Grouse Grind

Best HIking Trails Grouse Grind

Location: Grouse Mountain, North Vancouver
Difficulty: Activate beast mode

Tried and true, “Mother Nature’s stair master” is still the go-to trail in Metro Vancouver to test yourself physically. You can expect to be huffing and puffing and feel the burn in your quads as you elevate 850 meters over 2.9 km. The Grouse Grind is not for the faint of heart or the couch potato. Make sure to build up your exercise/cardio training before attempting this tricky trail. Dogs are not permitted, so you’ll need to rely on family, friends or your last shred of self motivation on this hike.

The “Grind” is usually open from spring to fall, but make sure to check Metro Vancouver’s Grouse Grind page for up-to-date information on the trail’s status.

Tip: Pack light. It’s tempting to take a picnic lunch or dinner that you can enjoy after the hike, but that is added weight. Any bags or belongings will only make your journey up the mountain more difficult. Keep it simple by bringing items that you require (cell phone, wallet, walking stick, water, etc.) and leave the picnic lunch for an easier hike. Reward yourself with a meal at one of the restaurants on the peak’s summit instead.

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