Interview with Willa


You may have seen Vancity’s new TV commercial addressing affordability issues in British Columbia. The ad uses crowd sourced video clips of local millennials talking about the issues we are all concerned with, including housing challenges, environmental concerns, rising food prices and the fleeting hope we’re all feeling in regards to solving these problems. The message of the ad is: ‘Don’t Give Up,’ because we’re in it together to find solutions.

But the new ad also has people talking for another reason: the catchy song in it. The artist behind the catchy and optimistic song Dreamers is a Whistler-born and Vancouver-based, singer named Willa. Our very own Bethany sat down with the small town singer who is about to go BIG TIME to talk everything from where she finds her inspiration to what Dreamers is about (and what’s in Willa’s fridge). Find out more about this up-and-coming talent by watching our interview:

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