A free birthday pancake meal

Free birthday stuff in Metro Vancouver – part 2


In my last post I told you about my epic birthday challenge to see how much birthday fun I could have without spending any money (if you missed it, read Free birthday stuff – part 1).

I covered the first four stops on my journey and ended with a pit stop at home. From there I headed out for lunch.

5. Booster Juice

a Free birthday drink from Booster Juice

Birthday offer: Free regular smoothie
How to get: Subscribe to Booster Nation newsletter
Timing: On your birthday
Value: $6.90

On my way to lunch, I stopped at Booster Juice for a smoothie. I needed my strength to get through the rest of the day, so I got a high-protein superfood smoothie with a fancy booster.


A free birthday pancake meal

Birthday offer: Free stack of pancakes
How to get: Join the Pancake Revolution
Timing: Coupon sent week before birthday, valid for two weeks
Value: $10.49

I happen to love breakfast food, so I was pretty excited to have pancakes for lunch. However, I was starting to fade after that GIANT smoothie. This is the point when I realized that the main limitation to cashing in on free birthday stuff is your own appetite, as most offers are food-related. I was also rolling solo at this point of the day and was slightly worried that I might attract looks of pity for eating pancakes alone on my birthday. But let’s be real. Everyone there was eating pancakes at 2 pm on a weekday. There was no judgement happening.

7. Blenz

a free birthday blenz coffee drink

Birthday offer: Free drink
How to get: Show valid ID on your birthday
Timing: On your birthday
Value: $5.15
There was some discrepancy about the size of the free drink you receive. When I called previously to confirm the offer, I was told you get a free small drink. At the store, one cashier said I get a regular drink and the other said any size drink. I think I ended up with a large tea latte. I was losing steam (pardon the pun) at this point, so I spent about an hour sipping my drink, reading my book and soaking in some rays to recharge for the rest of my birthday challenge.

8. Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt

a free birthday munchies frozen yogurt cup

Birthday offer: $5 coupon
How to get: Sign up for My Smileage club
Timing: Coupon valid two weeks prior and two weeks after your birthday
Value: $5

After my tea break, I met up with my friend Christina and got back to business. We hit up Menchie’s for some fro-yo. The crushed peanut butter cup topping is the best.

What came next? Games and dinner! Read Free birthday stuff – part 3.

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