Homemade easy ice cream for dessert

Cool treats to beat the heat


When the going gets hot, do you turn to ice cream to help beat the heat? The local ice cream scene is fun but visiting dessert shops regularly can add up. Although a nice treat, you can make your own easy no-bake desserts at home for a fraction of the cost.

Beat the heat without breaking the bank

When it’s too hot to turn on the oven, try making these easy no-bake desserts:

1.Frozen banana vegan ‘ice cream’. With only one ingredient, this is the simplest, easiest dessert going. Freeze some cut up bananas until firm, swirl them in a food processor or high speed blender. It seriously can be as easy as this! If you like, add a bit of your milk of choice and any desired flavouring agents (vanilla, chocolate chips, nuts or berries). Eat quickly and enjoy your homemade vegan soft serve.Frozen banana pieces

2. No churn 2 ingredient dairy ice cream. It’s true! You can make your own ice cream at home without an ice cream maker! Whipped cream and condensed milk make a pretty sweet and simple homemade ice cream that is easily customizable. Add a swirl of preserves, a few chunks of chocolate and this creamy iced treat is ready to serve friends and family.Homemade easy ice cream for dessert

3. No bake cheesecake. This is the easiest cheesecake known to mankind. Made with mainly cream cheese and whipped cream, you can put it together on a whim but it will taste like you slaved all day to make it! Top this with fresh berries, special preserves, a drizzle of honey or chocolate sauce.Smoothie popsicle

4. Smoothie popsicles. If you are a morning smoothie person, this is perfect for you. Put the little bit of extra smoothie left in your blender into popsicle molds or paper cups (cover with foil and stab with a chopstick or thick bamboo skewer). Freeze and enjoy later in the day. Tip: frozen foods taste less sweet when cold, so you may want to add an extra few drops of honey, stevia or other sweetener to your smoothie.

Does this mean I am giving up trips to the artisanal ice cream shops? Nope. But I am going to make some of these desserts as well so I can afford a perfect pint once in awhile.

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