Contest alert: win $500 in carshare credits!


Are you 19 or older with a driver’s licence? Have you ever wanted to be a superhero? Now is your chance to use your powers for awesome!

Take our survey and tell us what you think about carsharing. It’ll take you around 7 mins or less to answer a handful of questions about how these shared vehicles fit (or don’t fit) into how you get around town. As you’ll be helping us understand issues important to communities in B.C. (and hey, we get that you’re busy), you’ll also have the option of entering our prize draw for a chance to win a carshare credit worth up to $500!

Why is your input so important?

In 2015, the latest full year of available ICBC data, there was a 5% increase in the number of vehicles insured in the Lower Mainland. This 5% translates to an additional 79,000 vehicles on our already congested roads.

To help combat those rising numbers, services like Evo, Modo, Car2Go and Zipcar are springing up all over the place. Carsharing can be a great solution to the challenge of needing a ride, but not wanting the costs or commitment of owning a car.

Carsharing allows members to gain online access to a dedicated commercial fleet of cars for their private use. Newer, more efficient and “right-sized” carshare vehicles reduce greenhouse gas emissions by around 30%. Special parking privileges (oh, so handy downtown), reduced costs, and in some cases, the ability to choose the size of vehicle you need are also reasons why some people choose this way of getting around over owning a vehicle.

While we think those are all pretty great reasons to use a carshare – it’s what YOU think that really matters.

Planners, industry folks and academics use a variety of metrics to understand how carsharing impacts driving behavior and the environment. That helps inform policy development and shape future opportunities in our communities. But there are gaps in the data available—, especially for our local area. We believe valid local research should be the guiding force of municipal carshare policies. And that’s where you come in!

We want to hear about your experiences with car sharing. Maybe you don’t use any of these services now, but you used to? We want to hear about what contributed to your decision to stop.

It’s not too late to join the conversation: Just make sure you do our survey before midnight on Sunday, October 22nd (contest rules). And then give yourself a pat on the back for making a difference.

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