Where to buy Ocean Wise seafood in Metro Vancouver

Where to buy Ocean Wise seafood in Metro Vancouver


Have you ever wondered where you can buy Ocean Wise seafood in Metro Vancouver?

I am very conscious about where I get my seafood, since I want to ensure the best quality produce is on my dinner table. Seafood is so integral to the West Coast, so we want to make sure there are the same varieties of fish for years to come.

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Overfishing is one of the biggest threats our oceans face today. The Ocean Wise symbol next to a seafood item is an assurance of an ocean-friendly seafood choice. With over 700 Ocean Wise partners with thousands of locations across Canada, the Ocean Wise seafood program makes it easy for consumers to make sustainable seafood choices that ensure the health of our oceans for generations to come.

A question I get a lot from followers of my food blog is where to buy Ocean Wise seafood in Metro Vancouver.

The fine people at Ocean Wise provided us with a list of 157 retail locations to help with our seafood shopping. The list is broken down by city below. You can also use the Ocean Wise partner map to find a location near you.

Also, here is some great advice from Chef Ned Bell on wallet-friendly sustainable seafood.

More and more retail stores are added to the list every month, so be sure to check the Ocean Wise website to keep up to date. As a consumer, you can always ask the manager of your grocery store to let them know you are interested in Ocean Wise options being available.

Where to buy Ocean Wise seafood in Metro Vancouver


  1. Skipper Otto – buy a share of the catch before the fishing season even starts

Bowen Island

  1. The Ruddy Potato


  1. Choices At The Crest
  2. Fresh Ideas Start Here [F.I.S.H. Market] – Burnaby
  3. MarketPlace IGA (Burnaby – Burnwood)
  4. MarketPlace IGA (Burnaby – Kingsway)
  5. Safeway (Austin Avenue)
  6. Safeway (Hastings Street)
  7. Safeway (Hastings Street)
  8. Safeway (Kingsway)
  9. Save on Foods (Cameron)
  10. Save on Foods (HighGate Village)
  11. Save on Foods (Madison Centre)
  12. Save on Foods (Marine Way)
  13. Save on Foods (Willingdon)


  1. Save on Foods (Cloverdale Crossing)


  1. MarketPlace IGA (Coquitlam)
  2. Safeway (Austin Avenue)
  3. Safeway (Lougheed Highway)
  4. Save on Foods (Austin)
  5. Save on Foods (Pinetree)
  6. Thrifty Foods (Coquitlam)


  1. Safeway (120 Street)
  2. Safeway (48 Avenue)
  3. Save on Foods (Ladner)
  4. Save on Foods (Scottsdale Centre)
  5. Save on Foods (Tsawwassen)

Fort Langley

  1. MarketPlace IGA (Fort Langley)


  1. Mori Mori Japanese Grocery
  2. Safeway (Fortune Drive)


  1. 1 Fish 2 Fish
  2. MarketPlace IGA (Langley – 200th St)
  3. MarketPlace IGA (Langley – 204th)
  4. MarketPlace IGA (Langley – 48th Ave)
  5. MarketPlace IGA (Langley – 88th Ave)
  6. Meridian Meats & Seafood (Langley)
  7. Safeway (200 Street)
  8. Safeway (Fraser Highway)
  9. Save on Foods (Langley – Downtown)
  10. Save on Foods (Walnut Grove)
  11. Save on Foods (Willoughby)

Maple Ridge

  1. Bruce’s Country Market
  2. Meridian Meats & Seafood (Maple Ridge)
  3. Safeway (Lougheed Highway)
  4. Save on Foods (Dewdney)
  5. Save on Foods (East Maple Ridge)
  6. Save on Foods (West Maple Ridge)
  7. Sea Fresh Fish
  8. Thrifty Foods (Maple Ridge)


  1. Save on Foods (Woodgrove)
  2. Thrifty Foods (Nanaimo – Longwood Station)
  3. Thrifty Foods (Nanaimo – Port Place)

New Westminster

  1. Save on Foods (Columbia)
  2. Save on Foods (Royal City Centre)
  3. Save on Foods (Sapperton)
  4. MarketPlace IGA (New Westminster)
  5. Safeway (Carnarvon Street)
  6. Safeway (McBride Boulevard)

North Vancouver

  1. Choices Markets North Vancouver
  2. MarketPlace IGA (North Vancouver)
  3. Safeway (East 27 Street)
  4. Safeway (Mount Seymour Road)
  5. Safeway (Westview Drive)
  6. Save on Foods (Capilano)
  7. Save on Foods (Lynn Valley)
  8. Save on Foods (Park & Tilford)
  9. Save on Foods (Pemberton Plaza)
  10. Thrifty Foods (North Van)

Pitt Meadows

  1. MarketPlace IGA (Pitt Meadows)
  2. Save on Foods (Pitt Meadows)

Port Coquitlam

  1. Meridian Meats & Seafood (Port Coquitlam)
  2. Safeway (Shaughnessy Street)
  3. Save on Foods (Port Coquitlam)
  4. Save on Foods (Prairie)

Port Moody

  1. MarketPlace IGA (Port Moody)
  2. Thrifty Foods (Port Moody)

Price Rupert

  1. Safeway (2 Avenue)


  1. Blue Comet Seafoods
  2. MarketPlace IGA (Richmond)
  3. Organics To Home
  4. Safeway (Blundell Road)
  5. Safeway (No. 3 Road)
  6. Safeway (No.1 Road)
  7. Save on Foods (Ironwood)
  8. Save on Foods (Terra Nova)
  9. Tri-Star Seafood Supply Ltd.


  1. 7 Seas Fish Market on 152nd
  2. 7 Seas Fish Market South Surrey
  3. Choices Market South Surrey
  4. Fresh St. Market (Surrey – Fraser Hwy)
  5. MarketPlace IGA (Surrey – 108th Ave)
  6. MarketPlace IGA (Surrey – Hwy 10)
  7. Safeway (120 Street)
  8. Safeway (138 Street)
  9. Safeway (152 Street)
  10. Safeway (16 Avenue)
  11. Safeway (24 Avenue)
  12. Safeway (King George Highway)
  13. Save on Foods (Clayton)
  14. Save on Foods (Fleetwood)
  15. Save on Foods (King George)
  16. Save on Foods (Newton)
  17. Save on Foods (Nordel Crossing)
  18. Save on Foods (South Point)
  19. Save on Foods (White Rock)
  20. Thrifty Foods (Surrey)


  1. Thrifty Foods (Tsawwassen)


  1. 7 Seas Fish Market on Fourth
  2. Be Fresh (SPUD)
  3. Choices Market Cambie
  4. Choices Market Kerrisdale
  5. Choices Market Kitsilano
  6. Choices Market Yaletown
  7. Daily Catch
  8. Equa Trading, Inc.
  9. Finest at Sea – Food Truck
  10. Finest at Sea – Granville Island
  11. Finest at Sea – Kerrisdale
  12. Fresh Ideas Start Here [F.I.S.H. Market] – Kitsilano
  13. Fresh St. Market
  14. Grocery Checkout
  15. Harvest Community Foods
  16. Lobsterman – Granville Island Vancouver
  17. MarketPlace IGA (Vancouver – Burrard)
  18. MarketPlace IGA (Vancouver – Main)
  19. MarketPlace IGA (Vancouver – Robson)
  20. MarketPlace IGA (Vancouver – W 41st)
  21. MarketPlace IGA (Vancouver – West 4th)
  22. MarketPlace IGA (Vancouver – West Broadway)
  23. MarketPlace IGA (West Vancouver)
  24. Meridian Meats & Seafood (Vancouver)
  25. Safeway (4 Avenue, West)
  26. Safeway (41 Avenue, West)
  27. Safeway (Broadway, West)
  28. Safeway (Davie Street)
  29. Safeway (East Broadway)
  30. Safeway (Granville Street)
  31. Safeway (King Edward Avenue, West)
  32. Safeway (Kingsway)
  33. Safeway (Robson Street)
  34. Safeway (West 10 Avenue)
  35. Safeway (West 12 Avenue)
  36. Save on Foods (Cambie)
  37. Save on Foods (Dunbar)
  38. Save on Foods (Grandview)
  39. Save on Foods (King Edward)
  40. Save on Foods (Main Street)
  41. Save on Foods (UBC)
  42. SPUD Vancouver
  43. The Fish Counter
  44. Urban Fare Coal Harbour
  45. Urban Fare False Creek
  46. Urban Fare Shangri-La
  47. Urban Fare Yaletown


  1. Thrifty Foods (Victoria – Admirals Walk)

West Vancouver

  1. Fisherman’s Market West Vancouver
  2. Safeway (Headland Drive)

White Rock

  1. Fresh Off The Boat
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