When to buy fashion discounts

When to buy: a month by month breakdown of fashion discounts


We all know about spring, summer, fall and winter but did you know that in the retail industry, seasons and months are also linked to clothing sales for specific items?  The best time of year to find the items you are eyeing may not be when you are looking for them.

Here is a breakdown of the best time of year to shop for your must-haves:


March: If you’re in the market for a new pair of sunglasses, March is when you can find most sales & promotions for sunglasses due to the amount of stock stores will receive.

April: Friends & family discounts at your favourite retailers are likely available. This is a great time to get the items you have been planning for or coveting for less.

May: This is when pre-fall collections hit the stores. In-between season items such as light weight sweaters and coats, suits, evening dresses, handbags and lingerie are marked down 35-58% on average. Need a swimsuit for May long weekend or summer? Swimwear drops 30-50% so prepare to get some sun!


June: This is the perfect time to snag those spring items you’ve had your eyes on. Blazers and shorts can be up to half off this time of the year.

July: Fall collections appear in the middle of summer for those looking to get a leg up on the trends. The spring items that have begun to go on sale will now be set on clearance for up to 80% off.

August: As more fall pieces arrive in-stores you will find less clothing sales on designer pieces. Keep your eyes peeled for summer items to hit sale racks.


September: We’re heading back to school! Backpacks are typically marked down.

October: Look out for Friends & family discounts at your favourite retailers. Jewelry prices will drop by 40% on average. Best of all, its jeans season! Research shows that this is the best time to purchase jeans as they can be marked down by about 50% after the back to school rush has passed.

November: Now that fall is in full swing, you will find fall merchandise on sale. Black Friday and Cyber Monday will also help to push out leftover fall stock. Sweater prices can drop by half and you’ll also find great deals on boots, sandals, coats, evening dresses and handbags.


December: Clothing sales on fall items continue with mark downs in price by 50-70%. And with holiday parties around the corner, this is the time to purchase jewelry.

January: The beginning of the year is the slowest shopping period. Fall merchandise will be on clearance but selections will be limited. This is the best time to get back into shape as activewear is reduced on average by 33%.

February: Spring has bloomed in-store! You can find the latest spring collections and is a great time to get ahead on fashion trends. There are also apps like this one you can use to let you know when items you’ve been eyeing are on sale.

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