Best budget eateries: Chinatown


Vancouver’s tops the list as one of North America’s cleanest, modern-day Chinatowns. What I love about Chinatown is the blend of old and new restaurants in this area. You have everything from classic Hong Kong style cafes to packed hipster bars within a few city blocks.

The area has definitely changed in recent years but delicious, cheap food still remains. Here is a list of five delicious restaurants in Chinatown to visit on a budget.

Gain Wah

Gain Wah is a hole-in-the-wall, and once you’ve stepped inside the interior feels like you have been transported back to the ’90s (or perhaps before then). The food is delicious though, and most items are priced under $5. Their menu is quite typical of a Chinese cafe, but they also have roast BBQ if you just want a plate of meat and rice.

Address: 218 Keefer Street, Vancouver
Phone: (604) 684-1740

Golden Garden

Golden Garden Vietnamese Cuisine/Kim Saigon Sandwiches is an affordable restaurant with amazing items like pho soup, bahn mi sandwiches, spring rolls and a lot more.  Takeout is quick and I always make sure to bring a bahn mi sandwich since it’s only $4. Their other items are $10 and under. It’s a great restaurant in the heart of Chinatown with good food, affordable prices in a comfortable space.

Address: 509 Main Street, Vancouver
Phone: (604) 685-5623

The Boss Bakery and Restaurant

The Boss serves up Hong Kong-style cuisine, buns and cakes. Stop in for lunch and order classics like congee, baked spaghetti bolognese and pepper steak on rice. Most items are under $10.

Address: 532 Main St, Vancouver, BC

The Keefer Bar

Say hello to happy hour at The Keefer Bar! Their happy hour special runs from 5 pm to 7 pm, Sunday to Thursday, where appies are two-for-one. Plus, their daily special cocktails are available for $5. Plus, The Keefer Bar’s duck sliders are amazing. Appetizers end up costing under $5 a plate, and when you add in a $5 drink special you get one of the best deals in town.

Address: 135 Keefer Street, Vancouver, BC
Phone: (604) 688-1961

Ba Le Sandwich Shop

Bahn Mi at Ba Le costs either $3.50 or $4, depending on which sandwich you order. Most people come here to grab the Vietnamese-style sandwiches to go. There’s not a lot of space to sit down, but if you are close by it’s a nice and affordable alternative to spending money on a pricey lunch.

Address: 638 Main Street, Vancouver
Phone: (604) 662-8108

Stay tuned for my next post when I’ll be sharing the best budget eateries in Burnaby Heights.

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