A transformed economy: Vancity’s vision for a clean and fair future


Vancity was founded in 1946 to be a different kind of financial institution: a values-based credit union that extended financial services to people from all walks of life, including those that were being overlooked or underserved by traditional financial institutions. Since that time, we’ve continued to serve the evolving financial needs of our members, using the tools of finance and community partnerships to address systemic challenges and advance the well-being of our local communities.

We’ve been doing this because we have a clear vision that guides and informs every interaction we have with our members and every decision we make, capturing what we believe the future should look like. Over the past year, we’ve been working to update our vision for today’s Vancity and the world we see around us now, to make clear our aspirations and carve our path forward as a financial force for change.

Vancity’s vision is a transformed economy that protects the earth and guarantees equity for all.

We’ve always believed in the possibility of a better world that serves the needs of all. And we’ve always turned our business to the purpose of improving the lives of our members and their communities.

While our values have remained the same since our founding, the complexity of the social and environmental issues we face in our communities and across the globe has undoubtedly changed. And, as these issues emerged, Vancity has evolved to face them.

As Canada’s largest credit union, we’re committed to leading the way and showing what banking should be. We’re building upon the principles we started with 75 years ago to make impactful changes that benefit individuals, communities, and our planet.

To us, that means offering values-driven financial products and expert advice that address real-life needs and collaborating with community partners to address big problems where we live. It means knowing we can always do better, and then finding a way to do that.

Together with more than 550,000 members, we’re part of a movement — a true financial force dedicated to using the tools of finance to build a clean and fair world. We’re honoured to have our members as contributors, growing and changing with us as we build a better world for all. And we invite people to join us in our vision and prove that where you bank can change everything.

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