6 things on sale in September

6 things on sale in September


Did you know that certain consumer goods go on sale during specific months of the year? Some sales are linked to the introduction of new models while others remain long-standing traditions (like January white sales).

Here is a list of items you can save on if you purchase them in September:

1. Appliances: With the exception of refrigerators, September and October are the best time to buy big appliances as new models start coming out. You can get last year’s models of kitchen appliances, such as dishwashers, for less.

2. Bicycles: New models of bikes also come out at the end of riding season (around September.) Earlier in the month is a great time to look for good prices on last year’s bikes since retailers try to clear out the previous year’s inventory before Fall.

3. Cars: New cars usually come out at the end of summer, so lots will be clearing out their 2017 models in September. It should be easier to haggle down the price, too. Buying at the end of the month should get you extra savings. This is also a good time to lease since it’s when banks estimate a car’s residual value.

4. Lawnmowers: Stores have to make room for winter inventory which means summer staples like lawnmowers are on sale. The selection won’t be as good, but the trade off may be worth it for a good deal.

5. Holiday airfare: You should buy plane tickets two months in advance of your trip for the best price. This means now is the time to plan any travel over the winter for holiday visits with friends and family.

6. Wine: It’s fall harvest time which means vineyards will be offering their best selections. Not that you need an excuse to stock up on wine.

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