5 reasons to love a Vancity enviro Visa credit card.


What do you look for in a credit card?

Maybe you want to earn more reward points or align your card with your environmental values. Or, maybe you’re simply searching for the best place to build your credit responsibly to help borrow money for your next big purchase, whether it’s a new car or refinancing your home.

No matter your credit card goals, the Vancity enviro™ Visa* card line-up can help take care of all of the above, and more. So, let’s talk about 5 reasons to love a Vancity enviro Visa credit card.

1. More reward points for what you want.

Want to use your points to pay off your enviro Visa account balance? Or, maybe to help pay for your upcoming flight? Our Vancity Rewards program offers diverse options – including cash back, travel, charitable donations and gift cards  – so you can earn and redeem points for what fits your lifestyle.

Plus, there’s no cap on points earned, so you can keep earning them at the same rate without worrying about hitting a limit.

And don’t worry — you’ll get the same rewards value no matter what you redeem for. That means for every 100 Vancity Rewards points redeemed, you’ll get $1 in rewards value. And if you shop at select local businesses with one of our enviro Visa Infinite* cards, you can earn even more±.

2. Support environmental initiatives with every tap.

It’s great to know your spending is going towards something good. 5% of enviro Visa card profits go toward environmental initiatives, like Project Zero, Threading Change, and other Vancity enviroFund™ recipients who are making a difference in our communities.

3. Low annual fee, no annual fee, and low interest rate options.

When it comes to credit cards, everyone’s looking for something a little different.

From our enviro Visa Classic card with a $0 annual fee to our enviro Visa Gold card that offers 3,500 points on your card’s anniversary (a $35 rewards value), use our card selector tool to find the card that fits you.

4. See how your choices may impact the planet.

Fighting climate change isn’t something we can do alone, but together, our individual impacts can make a difference.

Choose to use the optional Vancity Carbon Counter™ to estimate your carbon footprint based on the shopping categories of your enviro Visa credit card purchases.  

5. Designed to “stand up” for you and the planet.

Let’s face it: our cards look good, and they’re made even better. From their recycled PVC plastic card bodies to their simplified, vertical design — the enviro Visa card line-up takes people and the planet into consideration.

There you have it: 5 reasons to love a Vancity enviro Visa credit card.

When used responsibly, an enviro Visa credit card can go beyond helping you boost your credit rating. It helps you further align your spending with your values, whether that means using reward points to treat yourself and others, choosing to estimate the carbon footprint of your purchases, or just knowing that every tap of your card can benefit environmental initiatives in our communities through Vancity’s enviroFund.

In other words, it’s a card you can feel good about. Learn more and find the card for you today.

enviro™, Carbon Counter™ and Vancity enviroFund™ are trademarks of Vancouver City Savings Credit Union.

* Trademark of Visa Int., used under license.

 Vancity membership required for certain cash back rewards. Must have a Vancity deposit account to redeem for cash. Additional terms and conditions apply.

± Vancity Rewards points and offers for Modo, JJ Bean and Fresh Prep are available to Vancity enviro Visa Infinite cardholders only. Offers are based on availability, and additional terms and conditions may apply. Vancity, Modo, JJ Bean and Fresh Prep reserve the right to modify or cancel this offer at any time and without notice.

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