Things to buy in December

3 things on sale in December


Did you know that certain consumer goods go on sale during specific months of the year? If you plan your shopping for anything from home items to clothing and electronics based on these patterns you can save up to 50% on most of what you need.

Here are the best items to buy in December: 

1. Champagne: Prices for bubbly drop as a result of high demand. Champagne companies are all trying to compete with each other in the lead up to Christmas and New Years Eve, so grab it now for any holiday celebrations or for a host/hostess gift.

2. Pools: Summer is months away but if you buy a pool now, you can get a great discount on next summer’s fun. There are a few smaller sales during the summer, but you’d have to keep an eye out to catch them and they may not be as good of a deal. You may also need to make room to store the pool in your garage this winter but it will be well worth it when the mercury rises.

3. Bicycles: Buying a bike in Canada in December? Yes, you read that right. All-season biking is possible in most parts of B.C., and December is the best time for bargains on bicycles year-round.

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